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Within the implementation of the ERASMUS +KA 2 CBHE project “Universities Communities: strengthening cooperation” UNICOM N.101083077, a round table on the theme “Latest Results and the Next Steps” was held, where the following issues were discussed:

– the results of the study visit to the University of Latvia (the Republic of Latvia);

– activities carried out by Ukrainian higher education institutions related to the dissemination of the project;

– the vision of the Third Mission Centers at Ukrainian Universities.

While discussing the results of the study visit to the University of Latvia, Yurii Danko, vice-rector for scientific and international activities of SNAU, spoke about the educational center of management and entrepreneurship, the business incubator of the higher education institution, the national library of the Republic, as well as the branch of the University in Kuldiha (Kuldїga).

In her report, Oksana Kraievska, associate professor of the Department of European and Regional Studies, of International Relations faculty in the LNU named after Ivan Franko shared the experience gained from the University of Latvia, which should be used: productivity dialogue – a platform to exchange views on productivity issues and enhance mutual understanding of key imperatives for future policies and reforms aimed at improving productivity;  participation of the University community in the implementation of the third mission of the University in the context of  involving lecturers of different faculties in project teams and  working out documents/strategic plans for the development of various state and local government bodies (professional expertise, advisors, consultants, approbation of the results of scientific research of the scientific and pedagogical staff ); active interaction and cooperation with stakeholders (employer companies) and graduates.

During the discussion of project dissemination activities, representatives of Ukrainian higher education institutions presented their own developments.

Yehor Nazymko, first vice-rector of the University, represented the DonSUIA at the event with the presentation “Current results of implementing foreign experience in the development of the third mission of the DonSUIA.” The goal of the development of the DonSUIA third mission is to increase the social role of the twice-displaced higher education institution through interaction between the University, the community, and local self-government bodies. In his report, Yehor Nazymko talked about:

– studying the experience of partner Universities of the European Consortium, including the University of Latvia, the University of Genoa, Lund University;

– implementation of European experience and development of the DonSUIA third mission at the request of the community;

– prospects for 2024-2025 regarding the development of the DonSUIA third mission. The main one is to create the Third Mission Centers in the University.

Since cooperation with the local municipality is one of the main areas for the implementation of the third mission, representatives of the Mariupol and Kirovohrad regional military administrations joined the event.

At the initiative of Tetiana Konovalenko, vice-rector for scientific, innovative and international cooperation activity of MSPU, the model of institutionalization of the center of interaction with the community was discussed and different visions of its functioning were presented. Among the main ones was the problem if such a center should be a separate structural unit of the University or should it function independently.

The vision for the implementation of the third mission in Universities and further plans were discussed separately.