International Conference
“University and Inclusion”
December 14-15, 2023 Rome, Italy

The University is a key player in regional development. The third mission of universities is defined as the activities of universities aimed at solving social and economic problems, including those related to the realization of sustainable development goals. All these outcomes are possible with an interrelationship with local and regional key players and with society as a whole. The conference aims to respond to the question:  what the role of is the University in Inclusiveness? How did university promote the Inclusiveness?  Who are the University partners on this road?

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The conference will be on presence and online

The following sub-themes provide suggestions for how the conference theme might be approached:

University and Disabilities

  • Student’s facilitation
  • Courses for teachers’ educators
  • The University’s role in assuring the accessibility to Higher education as a part of the Third Mission

University and Migration

  • The opportunities and challenges of dealing with cultural, social, economic, religious, worldview.

University and Aging population

  • Lifelong learning
  • Third Age Universities
  • Courses for Adult Population

University and Partners on ensure social cohesion and a sustainable society

  • The Role of NGO
  • The Role of Municipality
  • The Role of National Agencies


Organising Committee:
Fondazione Sicurezza e Libertà,
DISFOR- Dep. of Education Sciences University of Genoa,